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How to remove shingles to do a repair

(Very good instructions)




Some Standard Lumber Dimensions for Home construction

4in x 6in x 12ft       =    $22.0

4in x 6in x 16ft       =    $29.0

2in x 4in x 16ft       =    $5.05

2in x 6in x 20ft      =    $9.00

2in x 6in x 14ft      =     $6.00

2in x 8in x 14ft      =     $8.53

2in x 8in x 20ft     =      $12.50

2in x 12in x 20ft   =      $21.00

2in x 10in x 14ft   =      $9.00

2in x 10in x 20ft  =       $13.5

2in x 4in x 14ft     =      $4.00

2in x 6in x 20ft     =     $12.00

>> Best roof rafter dimensions: 2in x 6in x any length from 6ft to 14 ft for asphalt shingles.

>> Base rafters from wall to wall (ceiling of 1st storey and floor of 2nd story): 2in x 8in x 20ft so that attice can be used as bed room or storage room.

Note: 20ft is the longest length of any standard lumbers/rafters.  If the concrete slab is 20ft x 60ft, it would give a 1,200 sqft house!  Spacing between rafters is 16in measuring from center-to-center of lumbers, if attice is intended to be used as bed room; otherwise, it is standard practice to be 24in or 2ft measuring from center-to-center.

Notes: Three best angles for roofs are 45 degree, 25 and 14.3 degrees.  The advantage of 45 degree roof is that the attice can be used as bedroom or storage room, whereas the 25 and 14.3  degrees roof have a low attice that is too low to be useful.


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