2. Health: Banana Flowers (bắp Chuối) and Diabetes


Banana Flowers Can Prevent Diabetes

Bắp Chuối trị bệnh Tiểu Đường!



Chloroform extract from Banana Flower is found to reduce blood sugar level according to a study. This article tries to gain further insight in to its usage in our diet.

What the Study revealed?

  • 0.15kg,0.20g/kg and 0.25g/kg of Chloroform were extracted from the Banana flower.
  • For 30 days period, the extractions were injected to experimental rats.
  • Decrease in the blood sugar level was significant.
  • Improvement of Hemoglobin level in the blood was recorded.
  • Weight loss was observed.
  • Pronounced effects were seen for 0.25g/kg of injection.
  • Conclusion was that banana flower had Hypoglycaemic properties.
  • It is an anti-diabetic vegetable.

banana layers and florets

How to cut the Banana Flower before its intake?

  • Cutting the banana flower for the first time needs instructions.
  • Banana Flower has many layers.
  • Beneath every layer there are florets.
  • Remove the pink layers and take the yellow florets.
  • A string is found in the middle of the floret. It has a tiny head.
  • A white cover is also found with florets.
  • The string and the white cover are not edible and should ne removed.
  • Patience is required to find the string and the white cover from each of the florets.
  • The inner portion of the florets will be tender than the upper portion.
  • We find a white bulb at the core of the floret.
  • The tender florets and the white bulb are to be cut in to small pieces.
  • Soak the cut pieces in water with little butter milk. This will prevent discoloration of the florets till they are cooked.
  • There are several delicious recipes available in internet for diabetic patients to cook the banana flowers.
  • But they are cut in this manner before they are cooked.


Source: http://diabetes.ygoy.com/2009/12/banana-flowers-can-prevent-diabetes/




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