Michael Meacher MP

Michael Meacher MP: humans only have 200-300 years left on earth



6 Comments on “Michael Meacher MP – 9/11, The PNAC & Peak Oil”

  • Rick on Fri, 8th Jun 2012 8:50 pm 

    This was great!

    I’ll tell you why we won’t do it. The the War Machine, the Mega Corporations will not allow it, profit over doing the right thing. That’s fine, they will end up killing all of us, because of their greed, and mostly their stupidity.

    Collapse now, before the rush.

  • Arthur on Fri, 8th Jun 2012 11:50 pm 

    This video, I believe, is rather old. He is one of the very prominent people, who doubt the official story of 9/11, next to German former cabinet minister of the Schmidt government, Andreas von Buelow and italian ex-president, who openly said that the Mossad & CIA were behind 9/11.

    9/11 is not that difficult to solve, or at least to come up with a hypothesis that is much more satisfying than the officla conspiracy theory, promoted by the US government party (Dems + Reps).

    Everything starts with WTC7, which collapsed with the speed of gravity for a period of more than 2 seconds. There can be only one explation for that phenomena, namely that ALL the supporting columns of that building were blown away at the same time by explosives, ruling out the possibility that ‘Arabs with boxcutters’ carried out the attacks.

    Who did it then?

    There are several indications that strongly point towards Israel as the true culpritt. The WTC complex was owned by the zionist Larry Silverstein, who insured the WTC buildings against terrorist attacks a few weeks before 9/11. Silverstein is/was closely connected to people like Olmert and Netanyahu, who control the Mossad. Normally Silverstein, as well as his son and daughter, were working at the WTC, but not on the morning of 9/11. They all ‘accidently’ were absent. But hte most direct link to the Mossad were these ‘dancing Israelis’ who had installed their camera’s along the Hudson BEFORE the planes slammed into the buildings, an event that caused these Israelis to celebrate, while at that very moment thousands were murdered. Thanks to an old lady called Maria’, who called the FBI, these bastards were arrested, but had to be released after strong pressure ‘from above’ (after all the US are under zionist control), much to the frustration of the FBI.

    So what happened that day?

    As Meacher refers to in the video, 9/11 was linked to PNAC, a zionist dominated project to secure American planetary dominance for the 21st century (not going to happen). All four planes departed from airports, whose security was run by zionist firms (ICTS) and these helped fabricating the evidence of ‘Arabs’ boarding the planes, who were in reality Mossad agents with Arab stolen identities. Atta and 2 other so-called hijackers were likely killed in Germany by the Mossad, who used their passports to plant a trail in flight schools in Florida. Download the book by the Dutch flightschool owner rudy Dekkers to verify that the Atta in Florida was not the timid Atta from the Hamburg university, but an Israeli stand-in.

    What happened to the planes? Maybe 15 minutes after take-off, timers were actived and released poison gas (Sarin?) in the air ducts of the planes killing everybody on board. There is in fact a witness for that, namely the pilot, Eric Gibney, who shot down F93, after he had verified that everybody on board was dead. Download that interview Colonel Donn de Grand-Pre had with Alex Jones, a short time before his death, who had this information first hand from Gibney.

    Now it is clear why Silverstein was ambarrased and was pushed into the corner with his ‘we decided to pull’, revealing that the implosion of WTC7 had been a willful act. The true reason was that F93 was intended to hit WTC7, but it never showed up because it had been shot down (by Gibney). Same thing with F77, which was said to have dived into the Pentagon, but in reality missed it’s target and was shot down over the Atlantic by fighter jets from Langley. After the planes had been poisoned by gas, alternative flight paths were uploaded to the automatic pilot. The most likely candidate for that action is flight controller Pete Zalewski, who ‘handled’ both planes hitting WTC1/2. In reality the Pentagon was blown up by bombs planted inside the building. The reason behind that was to kill a team of comptrollers who were busy finding out where the famous missing two trillions had gone, anounced by Rumsfeld on 20 september 2001. If a plane really had hit the Pentagon, we would have seen one of the many videos that have captured the event, but were hastily confiscated by the FBI, for the very reason they would have revealed that no plane at all had struck the Pentagon. Go to youtube “Rare Pentagon 9-11 Surveillance Camera Video of Impact” to verify that the explosion was not linked to an impact of a plane.

    The intention behind 9/11 was to create a terror meme, enabling the US to invade countries at will, and so it did and does, and at the same time to launch an attack against the Constitution, in order to put it out of business, and morph the US into the next USSR.

  • Rick on Sat, 9th Jun 2012 12:26 am 

    Arthur, I agree with you regarding 911. It was an inside job. Most Americans can’t understand that, and they don’t understand the US are the terrorist. The made up terrorism, is just propaganda to scare the masses, and to control them.

    The war machine lives on, and it kills 1000′s per week worldwide to keep this stupid country flush with cash, drugs, and oil. It won’t last for ever.

    It makes me sick, to tell the truth.

  • Rick on Sat, 9th Jun 2012 12:34 am 

    PS – The Jews have now become the Nazis. They own the US, and the US War Machine. It’s all to weird, and fucked up. I don’t have much hope for mankind with people like these in charge.

    Though the masses always win, the elite always forget that. Remember the guillotine.

  • Rick on Sat, 9th Jun 2012 12:46 am 

    One more thought. After watching this video again: http://www.corbettreport.com/911-a-conspiracy-theory/

    You would have to be brain dead not to understand this is more likely the truth.
    And again, where was the plane wreckage that hit the Pentagon? Wake up Sheep!


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